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Undoxxed Book - Vol.1

The Finest in Digital Lifestyle Culture

where street culture & lifestyle merge to Web3.0

« We’re delighted to announce the completion of our UNDOXXED vol.1 book project, in production at one of France’s finest traditional printers.
Anticipate its arrival on your coffee tables and shelves in 2024. »

Category : Phygital Street & Lifestyle Culture.
Bridging the gap between physical product and digital

204 pages
of raw talent and groundbreaking entities.
Format : Hardcover – 2 covers of your choice, same content.

Limited-edition of 300 NTF-Book
, each NFT comes w/a physical book.
Limited Edition Max 500 copies total – and out of these, 300 will be accompanied by a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), which adds a unique digital aspect to the offering.
Offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Launch Phases & Pricing

• Phase 1 (Date to be announced):
  Whistelist Only
  Price : 150€

• Phase 2 (Date to be announced):
  Public Mint
  Price : 200€


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The book features a diverse array of talents and entities, including:
(B)APEVERSE, 9DCC X Stapleverse, Agoria, ALIVEFORM, Albert Lyp, Alterrage, Angelescu Studio, Antonio Talarico, Artisant, Autrion, Benoît Couty, BPAYC & MAYC PFP Tribute, Big Xeus, Booyasan, Brand New Vision, BUCKETS CLUB by Malbon Golf, Camille Louise Jewellery, Cult1vate, Cryptopunks PFP Tribute, CryptoKaiju, DRESSX, DegenToonz, Dom Jordan, Dogami x Gap, EFDOT, Eyes Of Fashion, FacesOf Web3 PFP Tribute, FabriX, Finn Rush Taylor, Flower Instincts By Sneakmart, Flowers For Society, FoxyLab NYC, FutureFrontRow, Futures Factory, Gmoney, Grateful Ape Chocolate, HAPE, Hermine Bourdin, HexJerzo, Hublot x Takashi Murakami, Imaginary ones By Hugo, IoDF, Ilija NIKOLIĆ, Isak Douah, Janey Park, Jeff Levine, Jeff Staple, John Trottier – Johnnyskicks, Kacimi Latamène x SOL3MATES, Kedar Benjamin, Kyle Benton, LTD.Inc, Ledger, Legitimate – Ambush x Bright Moments Gallery, Leila Ismailova, Lettonne, MLLN, MUTANTSBEER, Marjorie Hernandez, Masnah The PoetMuralist, Megan Kaspar, Nathaniel Lie, Nolan Kim, Olivia Lee, Pet Liger, Pillz, Pioneers 5555 By Futures Factory, Pioneers, R3N3GADES, Rareshoes x HPPRS, Ray, SVNT, SINGE, Skechers, SinNominé Feat. Junior JR, SneakerHeads, Sneakmart x JW Customs x Asics, Sneakmart x Staniflou 1906D, Squiggle Dao, Tag Heuer, THEDEMATERIALISED, The Fabricant X Highsnobiety, The Hundreds – Adam Bomb Squad PFP Tribute, Tom Humphrey, Voltz, Wrangler X Jeremy Booth, Xavier Magaldi, Xerak & PsyCho Gum, Zaïd Kirdsey & Ruffhousearts, _paperspace, zulu kuki…it’s a rich tapestry of creativity and innovation.