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The finest in digital lifestyle culture.
“Where street culture and lifestyle merge to web3”
204 pages
500 ex – Limited editon

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“We’re delighted to announce the completion of our UNDOXXED vol.1 book project, soon  in production at one of France’s finest traditional printers.
Anticipate its arrival on your coffee tables and shelves in 2024.”

Category : Phygital Street & Lifestyle Culture.
Bridging the gap between physical product and digital

204 pages
of raw talent and groundbreaking entities.
Format : Hardcover – 2 covers of your choice, same content.

Limited-edition of 200 NTF-Book
, each NFT comes w/a physical book.
Limited Edition Max 500 copies total – and out of these, 200 will be accompanied by a NFT, which adds a unique digital aspect to the offering.

The book “Undoxxed” explores the intersection of street culture and lifestyle with the emerging Web3 landscape. It delves into various topics such as 3D modeling, augmented reality, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital identity, and virtual reality. The book discusses the impact of these technologies on fashion, identity, and personal expression in digital environments. It includes insights from various individuals and brands involved in digital and phygital (physical + digital) fashion, highlighting the evolving relationship between technology, personal style, and cultural expression. The content is rich with examples and case studies demonstrating the integration of digital technologies in fashion and personal branding.

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